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Connect No.1 and No.2 licensed businesses, creating a huge new pool of property assets and capitals

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Unlock private wealth together

A company that is good at supplying good real estate. A company that is good at online marketing. Companies that are good at both. There are many types of companies, but there is no company in the real estate industry that is good at both. Therefore, should think and help grow together.

Automate Operation & Payment

All processes from invitation, fund allocation , deposits, withdrawals to repayment are designed automatic so no need for manual data entry of all the applications, websites and other software you use. You’d better focus on your idea and what you do
*Withdrawal related functions are currently under development.

Monetize your platforms

Earn more revenue by raising fund not only from your customers but for other No.1 companies. There will be no membership fees or any other expenses charged by the TREEX platform.


  • Transparency

    Our application process & selection is transparent and trustworthy. We select verified and growing businesses to join our TREEX liquidity pool.

  • Invitation

    Select and invite the best No.2 companies to join your crowdfunding within a minute. Easy to build and customize your preferred invitation.

  • Invitation
    Automation Funding

    All deposits, withdrawals and payment reports are automated via popular payment gateways in Japanese market.
    *Some parts are under development.

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