Our crowdfunding software integrates with the industry leading payment gateways, KYC/AML providers and automation CRM

how this feature works
  • Payment gateways

    Automatic Payment operation is one of the core functionalities of a crowdfunding platform. A good payment provider is always authorised by a regulator, often has an escrow account and, ideally, low fee rates.

    Understanding deeply about Japanese market anf customer behavior, TREEX integrates with the most well-known payment gateways such as GMO, Paypay, etc to enable online money processing on a crowdfunding platform.

  • Investor Validation
    Trustdock – Digital Identity verification

    A third-party KYC/AML verification service provider facilitates your due diligence and compliance operations. We partners with Trustdock ,one if the world’s largest identity verification provider with over 3 million identities verified worldwide.

    Trustdock helps companies:

    • Optimize conversions
    • Eliminate fraud
    • Conduct eKYC checks
    • Conduct AML verification
    • Simplify authentication and more
    More about Trusdock
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