TREEX is the No1 in the world white label crowdfunding platform with many out-of-box features that help your business achieve miletones relatively quickly.

Security &

We help you with complete security and a system that complies with the strictest Japanese-regulated requirements.

High Availability
& Reliability

We use dedicated servers for enhanced security and up-time located in secure cloud Amazon web services (AWS)


Your own look and feel powered with our enterprise ready crowdfunding platform with your corporate identity.


Our Frontend platform is 100% responsive, mobile friendly and easy to navigate for each and every element.


We manage the most advanced technology that tracks and manages all transactions, free yourself from the complexity of financial operating systems.

Data analysis
& logarithm

Our built-in analytics & logarithm tracks all customer behaviours and bring precise forcast about the the growth of your business.

Investing APP

A quick and easy way for investors to access your crowdfunding platform and interact with your offerings or services

  • Allow investors to monitor investment performance
  • View transactions including deposits, withdrawals, buy/sell, dividend payment & redemption
  • Alert new opportunity to invest in

We can customize the mobile app to fit your business needs and functionality requirements in your country of operations.

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Seemingless integration

TREEX integrates with the industry leading payment gateways, KYC/AML providers, document signature CRM and marketing automation providers.

We can either recommend best providers to empower your business or consult you on the technical integration with the third-party provider of your selection. Whatever you want, we are ready to support you.

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B2B CONNECT Features

Connect No.1 and No.2 licensed businesses, creating a huge new pool of property assets and capitals

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