LOTTERY ALGORITHM*Under development

Various lottery options to choose base on our advanced algorithm

Choosing winning investors and allocating the reasonable amount of investing capitals are never easy for crowdfunding admins, while more and more investors seek for passive income from real estate investment. With TREEX lottery alogrithm, your admins can find life easier and focus on other profitable work. Our alogrithm is designed based on intensive mathematic modelings and have been proved its precise through many funding projects.

  • Stay compliantStay compliant
    Play lottery the smart way
  • Clear of fraudClear of fraud
    Pick the best numbers for distribution
  • Clear of fraudClear of fraud
    Gain trust & fairness
  • Welcome more investorsWelcome more investors
    Save time and cost
how this feature works
  • Customer Ranking Vitality

    In real estate crowdfunding, we define one of the most important factor affecting to the winning probability of the investor, i.e Investor Ranking. The rule depends on the investment history and statistic of investors.
    How it works

  • Investor Validation
    Extensive Mathematic Modeling

    Take advantage of many years of our research we spent developing the winning formula to help crowdfunding businesses to optimize the number of investor winners as well as to improve fairness and transparency for the game. We combine many modern highest averages methods and statistic theory to define the best numbers for fund distribution. Various logic can be processed at your selection

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