CUSTOMER RANKING*Under development

Customer ranking appears as one of the most important logic of the platform to execute Lottery alogrithm.
Let’s your users rock the game!

how this feature works
  • How it works

    In real estate crowdfunding, we define one of the most important factor affecting to the winning probability of the investor, i.e Investor Ranking. The rule depends on the investment history and statistic of investors.

    • The more investor deposit and invest, the higher probability that he or she can win the lottery.
    • Increasing fairness and encouragement to investors to invest more
  • Investor Validation

    Depends on your needs and how complexity of your customization requirement, the TREEX investor ranking can be customised. However, each change in core logic behind the admin area need to be analyzed carefully and we will deliver our best to give you the most adequate tailor-made solution for your business needs.

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