E-WALLET*Withdrawal related functions are currently under development

The funds are kept in e-wallets throughout the funding period until the repayment, enhancing more security level for both investors and fundraisers

  • Stay compliantStay compliant
    Top up wallets before investing

    Investors never pay any money from their bank or credit card accounts directly. Before sending money to any funds, they need to top-up their wallet first , which is created automatically for every user in TREEX platform.

  • Clear of fraudClear of fraud
    Invest after confirmation

    All investor’s money is kept inside their wallets. The wallet is deducted only upon confirming the investment amount by the investor himself.

  • Welcome more investorsWelcome more investors
    Automatic top-up and Withdrawals

    By connecting with the most popular payment gateways in Japan, all transactions are done automatically in few seconds

how this feature works
  • Wallet top-up for investors

    Investors can top up their wallets via bank transfer, online payments, or offline. With online payments, transactions are processed automatically and their processing statues will be automated to reflect on an admin back-end portal.

  • Investor Validation
    Reward Wallet for investors

    Investors also receive rewards of affiliate programs in reward wallet, in which they can use for investing later on. All rewards are calculated and paid automatically also on TREEX.
    *Under development

  • Know Your Customer Digitally (eKYC)
    Dashboard Management

    All users on TREEX can access and manage their money directly:

    • Top-up e-wallets;
    • Receive rewards and redeem for investing;
    • Withdraw funds from e-wallet to a bank account or a credit card;
    • Add new funding methods
  • Know Your Customer Digitally (eKYC)
    Funds withdrawal from e-wallets

    Investors can re-invest or withdraw the money they earned on the platform. The withdrawal is made automatically with no assistance from the admin needed.

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