Automatic Verification

Stay compliant and handle clear of fraud while making verfication quickly and easy for your investors

  • Stay compliantStay compliant
    Stay compliant

    Avoid expensive fines and meet KYC/AML requirements

  • Clear of fraudClear of fraud
    Clear of fraud

    Give your business multilayered protection that prevents all types of document fraud

  • Welcome more investorsWelcome more investors
    Welcome more investors

    Turn KYC into an asset rather than an obstacle. Onboard legit users seamlessly

how this feature works
  • Trusted Identity verification & AML providers

    Using KYC and Google Authenticator provides security, risk and compliance management solutions and ensure strong signed

  • Investor Validation
    Investor Validation

    We can recognize and verify IDs, drivers licenses, My number for Japanese residences for KYC purposes

  • Know Your Customer Digitally (eKYC)
    Know Your Customer Digitally (eKYC)

    Choose from ID Validation, questionnaires, uploaded document requirements, and more in TREEX platform. All processes and operation are automated. Smooth onboarding and compliance have finally come together.

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