The future era of urban development
involves everyone

Recently, the investment environment for real estates has been changed in which it is more liquidated and more investors can participate in urban development. As the matter of fact, we desired to encourate every investors to jump in. Finally, we decided to offer a low-cost system to support all involved businesses.

Unlike securities or FX, in real estate business, systems are not competitive. Product competitiveness is everything to win, then how master your marketing is to attract customers.

System does not play the most vital role, however the easier it can be used, the better business can go up. Providing customer portal with friendly UI is necessary in the booming of high technology while almost everyone is familiar with good and convenient tech-services.

However, if we all work together, we will be able to use a good system at a reasonable price.

What is more important than system development is purchasing and attracting customers. I want businesses to concentrate on purchasing and attracting customers. We will take care of the troublesome of system development.

Let’s transcend the barriers between businesses and
work together to make the city more exciting.

Our value

  • Fair Fair

    Our process and results are always open and fair

  • Flat Flat

    We always treat our partners and custoemrs with a flat attitude, no discrimination, no offense.

  • Art Art

    By all mind and heart, we can also see the hidden qualitative value of assets

Operating Company Profile

Company Name
May 20, 1999
100 million yen
Representative Director Ya Muto
Registration license
Governor of Tokyo (5) 77822
Real Estate Specified Joint Venture Governor of Tokyo No. 60
Financial Instruments Business Kanto Finance Bureau Director ( Kinsho ) No. 740
Aoyama OM-SQUARE 4F 2-5-8 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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